Thursday, May 7, 2009

La La Land

It struck me today that there is are 2 different places in the mind of living. There is the place that you dream of, where everyone smiles at you, everyone understands what it is you're trying to communicate with them. No one cuts anyone off in traffic, people hold doors open for each other and children respect adults. I call this place La La Land. I often think that my problem is that I live there sometimes. The other place is called reality! I don't know if times are just changing so much that it keeps us from reaching out to each other but something's odd. Holden plays T-ball and I remember thinking to myself, (before we began) "Hey, here's a chance to make some friends." But the reality is that when you talk to people they sort of look at you like you're speaking a new language. I also noticed that if I didn't make the effort no one would speak. Everyone is in their own little world and it seems like they're afraid to let anyone in for fear it will interrupt their existence. I do this on purpose now... I wait a little to see if anyone will approach another and when the silence in the room is so thick I can't breathe I will be the one to release everyone from their bondage. I can't stand it! I want everyone to live life and get out of their comfort zones. You never know who you are going to meet or why you're there in that group or place. I want everyone to know that you may feel far from perfect and not think you're going to fit in or say the "right" thing, but screw that! No one says the right thing most of the time and everyone should just relax, forget about what others think and just BE!
Hell, I have PMS and I'm way too emotional about everything. I could just be really annoying and no one wants to talk to me!


Granny Annie said...

I had forgotten about La-La Land. There was a time I lived there in my mind. Retirement lets me live there in reality. I'm sorry, is that mean? Love you:)

Daphine said...

Yep, I've thought the same thing before. An awkward place for me is on the elevator. People are breathing all over each other, but no one can open the mouth to even speak....except for poor little ole me. LOL! Then they all look at me like...why is she so happily speaking to everyone. It's a trip!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Granny Annie said...

Some people just don't care. Some people are shy. Some people have PMS:) And some people are aliens;)

Daphine said...

Hey girl~

I hope that you're enjoying your holiday weekend!

Tim said...

Hey there my friend!

I was just touching base with you. You havent posted in a while so I wanted to make sure all is ok. I pray that it is.

Love and Prayers,