Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love to paint!

I was at Hobby Lobby recently and got lost in the artsy section of the store. I literally could spend the whole day at Hobby Lobby and never realize that any time passed at all. It is a fabulous place! This last time I spent a great deal of time looking at canvas's and paint brushes, paints, etc... imagining what I could paint for my home or for other's as gifts. It was very exciting and fun. I know I'm entertained easily but it was nice to remember something else I love doing and thinking that I'm going to get started on it too. If anyone needs an idea for a Christmas gift for me, how about a canvas or paints, or paint brushes! I have no idea what I will paint but that's also the fun part, being inspired by something or someone. I love looking up at the sky and seeing all the colors when the sun is setting or how the trees look when the wind is blowing. I told you I was entertained easily.
When I get started I will take picutres of them and post them on here to share.
Update on the workout blog. - Haven't quite gotten to that one, but in my defense I have been coughing and hacking for a month now and recently got a kidney infection. Isn't it ironic that you need exercise to stay healthy but if your not well, then you need rest? I am going to begin exercising soon though, as soon as my lungs and kidney's get their act together. Maybe I should post pictures of a before me for incentive and then do an after me pic for upkeep incentive? I'll have to think about that one.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am Thankful for...

I am thankful for my husband, who took a day off to take care of me when I got another kidney infection.

I am thankful for my 2 sons, they are such great boys!

I am so thankful for the rest of my family and friends, my job, my health (sans kidney infection), and all the blessings the Lord has provided.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am hoping that I can somehow connect with others by writing on this blog what swirls around in my head on a daily basis. Whether it's family or friends, or anyone that would like to share their thoughts or ideas with me. I had a recent conversation with someone very close to me that said it was easy for me to find things I like to do because I have talents or have things I like to do more than others. But in my eyes, I feel like I have forgotten. It struck me that I don't know very many people who really know what is it they like. Is it that we get caught up in the everyday habits? (Get up in the morning, fix breakfast, get self and kids ready for the day, barely speak to hubby or wife, head out into traffic, drop kids off at school, go to work or go back home and work, work and work, leave work and head into traffic, pick up kids from school, do homework, fix dinner, greet hubby or wife "how was your day dear?", give kids a bath, pj's and teeth brushing, put them in bed, clean up any messes, barely speak again to hubby or wife, crash into bed, wake up and repeat...) How would we know what we like? No one really takes the time to find out and with the way our days go, we don't have the energy to care at the time.
This is the rut folks! I may have talents or used to have things I liked to do and probably did them, but it has fallen by the wayside, believe me. When I had this conversation with that person, I immediately remembered that they too had things they liked at one time and we all have gifts from God. Some gifts are a little more easily seen by others, but we ALL have them.
I'm sick of it! I'm sick of feeling like I'm just spending my time here on earth like it's never going to run out! I am praying that I can connect with just even one person and change their thinking too. I am going to remember things I enjoy and do them, I am going to discover new things as well and do them. Right now there are things I want to do that will take money, like white water rafting, can't do that yet. But there are plenty of things that don't take any money at all. One thing we used to do as a family and have gotten away from is doing a "family day" . Every Sunday we would find things to do as a family - go to the mall, bookstore, park, play games, rent a movie, etc... It's time to reinstate that one in our lives! It reminds me that it's not just about the things I like to do but also the relationships that are important in life. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I think that I need to make that happen a little more often.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I love to write. One of the things I feel that I'm good at is writing, so when someone asks me what I "do", I want to say " I'm a writer!" Which happens to be true but not in the sense that I've actually been published, so I usually say I'm a stay at home mom, which is also true and in the sense that I actually am at home with 2 kids, seems to be more acceptable to tell people. However, since I've started this blog and it's about doing things that make me happy I am going to publish a children's story I wrote because it's my blog and I can write if I want to.
I wrote several of these stories called "The What If Bedtime Stories" because I wanted to give my son Logan something comforting to hear before he fell asleep. It seems like the world is going crazy sometimes and it was important to me to just forget about everything else and fill his mind with fun and sometimes silly ideas. This is the 1st one I wrote:
Animal Safari
What if we went on an animal safari?
We could travel to the African Plains.
Don't forget to bring the binoculars,
so we can really see the lions' manes.
We could ride all day in an open jeep,
letting the wind blow through our hair.
When the tigers let out a mighty growl,
it would really give us a scare!
Look at the colorful birds up in the trees,
and there's a giraffe - wow he's tall!
He's just busy eating all those leaves,
it looks like he's having them all!
I wonder what that is under the water?
Oh, it's a great big hippopotamus!
And coming close to take a drink,
it's an elephant - look at those tusks!
Keep your eyes open, there's a rhinoceros,
it looks like he wants to charge.
We had better hurry away from here,
that fellow is extremely large!
If you stop and listen close,
you will hear the monkey's chatter.
Look up in the trees and you will see
how they love to swing and scatter.
We could stop to walk around for a while,
but watch out for slithery snakes.
Maybe we should just ride around to be safe,
I'm scared of those things for goodness sakes!
We have found many animals on this safari trip.
Maybe we'll see them when we dream.
Let's not forget as we drift off to sleep,
all of the wonderful animals we've seen.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mind set

Getting started and changing my mind set will be the most challenging part. I need to keep telling myself that doing things that make me happy will make me a better wife, mom and friend. It seems like I'm being selfish but something has to give because in this last year or so I have really not even been able to recognize myself. I have actually forgotten what it is I like to do. It's pretty telling when I'm filling out personal interests on here or facebook and I literally can't think of anything. I have to rack my brain to remember what I like or used to like. This is of course in exception to my kids and they have become the center of my existence. This isn't a bad thing because it happens to all of us with children who love them and want them to feel as loved as a person can feel. But, in the past year I have recognized something... if I don't know myself how can I give them the best part of me? How can I give them the best mom on earth if I don't feel the very best? I want be a good example to them as well and if I don't feel good then what are they going to see? Oh, I know... a tired, grouchy, slouch. They deserve much better and I am going to give that to them and to my husband and my friends and most importantly - myself!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Workout

Well, here's the deal... I used to work-out on a daily basis and I dare say, had a pretty killer bod. Now, a year later (after not working out at all) I have begun to get a little puffy, not heavy - puffy. This means that although I still look ok in clothing, I don't look ok any other way. I would also like to once again look great in clothing and not just ok. My first "out of the rut" adventure is to commit to "the workout". I'm going to go the gym at least twice a week. I'm also going to work out at home as much as I can. I'm posting this and will continue to post an "out of the rut" commitment to various ideas that come to mind. I am also going to e-mail family and friends about my blog for encouragement, accountibility and any other ideas they might have. I'm hoping this will help me become a better and happier girl!