Friday, November 21, 2008

Mind set

Getting started and changing my mind set will be the most challenging part. I need to keep telling myself that doing things that make me happy will make me a better wife, mom and friend. It seems like I'm being selfish but something has to give because in this last year or so I have really not even been able to recognize myself. I have actually forgotten what it is I like to do. It's pretty telling when I'm filling out personal interests on here or facebook and I literally can't think of anything. I have to rack my brain to remember what I like or used to like. This is of course in exception to my kids and they have become the center of my existence. This isn't a bad thing because it happens to all of us with children who love them and want them to feel as loved as a person can feel. But, in the past year I have recognized something... if I don't know myself how can I give them the best part of me? How can I give them the best mom on earth if I don't feel the very best? I want be a good example to them as well and if I don't feel good then what are they going to see? Oh, I know... a tired, grouchy, slouch. They deserve much better and I am going to give that to them and to my husband and my friends and most importantly - myself!

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