Tuesday, March 31, 2009


-Prayers were answered for me in regards to the little one I posted about yesterday. Not completely out of the woods with this, but a huge relief today!
-Prayers were answered for my sister who had serious complications from pneumonia and now she is doing so much better. Had a CAT scan done and it came back that she was healing nicely!
Amen! Thanks everyone!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hard Day

Today was an exceptionally hard day. I have a beautiful little girl in my class and I'm afraid for her. I won't go into any details or give her name because I'm sure that would not be the right thing to do in order to protect her privacy. I would just like some additional prayer for her in general that God protects her and gives her some peace. It prompted me to rewrite this poem I had written a long time ago.

Children are the innocent and pure.
They are the beginning and the future.
With just one smile sorrow does not exist.
With their laughter, joy is impossible to resist.
They have no expectations or a heart that's unforgiving.
Their love is unconditional and they give it without questioning.
They've come straight from Heaven to live on this earth.
A miracle from God, His gift is their birth.
A precious child is a gift beyond measure.
Someone to love, to protect and always treasure.

God Bless!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's A Lizard!

There are moments that come along when you realize how much you LIKE your children. I will always love them and that could never change but genuinely liking who they are is a blessing. You have to be able to pay attention to these moments when they come along because if you don't you will miss something precious.
Yesterday it snowed like crazy here and it came down beautifully with huge snowflakes and lots of them. I opened the blinds so the boys could see it and while I was in the kitchen making breakfast, Holden runs in...
Holden - "Brother, brother, it's a lizard out there! Brother look at the lizard! BROTHER, it's a lizard, it's a lizard!" (I thought I would have to get Logan's attention because he has a tendency to block out his little brother's rantings, but no...)
Logan -(without laughing, without talking down to him, gently corrects him without skipping a beat) "No, it's a Buh, buh, Blizzard. Not lizard."
Holden - "Brother look at the Buhlizzard, look at the blizzard!"

As I was listening to this I just realized what a patient and loving big brother Logan is and at that moment I really liked him. And I really liked Holden for looking up to him and being patient as he was corrected, not minding one bit.
Moments to treasure and savor because it won't be long until I'm yelling at both of them to stop fighting and be kind to each other!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Move Over Derek Jeter!

Holden had his 1st T-Ball practice last night and I'm kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera, next time for sure. It was the cutest and funniest time. I forgot how much fun it was to watch your child's very 1st experience with team sports. You can tell right away which ones have it and which ones don't and I'm not bragging, but Holden has it! When I watched Logan play for the 1st time I just knew that team sports probably wasn't going to be his thing. He also played soccer and played as if he was being put out to have to run up and down to get a ball. He was fine with just watching the other boys do whatever they had to do to score a goal. He would however, celebrate with them as if he had been a big part in it. (I love that kid)Since then he has really liked playing golf so hopefully we can still keep him out of trouble with some sort of activity. Holden, on the other hand will more than likely be trying to fit in any sport he can. Gosh he was so cute. Running the bases as fast as his little legs would take him. Batting as a "lefty" it was funny because the coaches would put him on the wrong side of the plate and he would swing backwards! I don't know how many times Matt or myself would shout out "he's a lefty!". They'll get it eventually. Since this is my second time around I had fun listening to the parents who were having their 1st experience with it. Some of them would be hollering at thier child, "Pay attention!" or "Go get the ball". I had one parent make the comment to me, "I just know he's going to be picking clover." with this exasperatted look on her face. I wanted to say "Geez lady, he's only 4! You'll be lucky he only picks the clover and doesn't try to eat it or take handfuls of it and put it on top of his hair!" I can't wait for the 1st game, I'm so gonna watch and see him picking away and then I'm so going to wait for her reaction. Is that wrong?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Politics? Wasn't going to go there, but...

OK, I never intended to use this blog to vent about politics. However, right now I'm thinking that our country needs prayer. I believe that it doesn't matter what is going on with the economy or wars, or anything else because God has a plan and everything works according to His purpose. The thing is, (and maybe I just need to relax knowing that fact) I have never felt this way before about a certain direction that any administration was taking us but things are not sounding good to me. I've always been a Conservative but even when Clinton was president (because I was also old enough then to pay attention) I didn't feel this unsure or worried. I keep hearing unsettling statements being made by this administration such as "global currency" and changing the names of everything that "sound" too "negative". Like we're not calling the terrorists "terrorists" anymore? They're changing "The Global War on Terror" to "Overseas Contingency Operation" - are you kidding me? I for one am personally offended by this. They ARE terrorists and our brave men and women have been fighting for our country and dying on behalf of the "War on Terror". The same terrorists that flew planes into the World Trade Center, killing so many people without any conscious what-so-ever... and we don't want to offend them or what?
Didn't Hitler create mandates on what people were allowed to say and how they said it? It started out slowly and then snowballed into a nightmare. Isn't communism all about a huge government and telling everyone how to live their lives and making everyone feel dependent on them?
I am comforted in the fact that no matter what, God is the same now and forever. He has this in the palm of His hand. This is all happening because it is supposed to and I will be praying that we as Americans will recognize what is happening, fight for our beliefs and have faith that will get us through.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Prayers for Stellan

This little one needs prayer so desperately. I am passing this along to everyone I know even though I don't know this family personally. If this were my child I would hope that everyone that could would be on their knees. Apparently this precious baby had terrible heart difficulties in the womb and wasn't expected to live but was born a healthy baby with faith and prayer. He is having the same trouble now and is very critical. I keep pulling up different blogs I read that are either friends of the family or just follow their blog and I can't put this off just because I don't know them. So I am praying and encourage you to do the same if you read my blog. God Bless.

Barry Manilow - Eat Your Heart Out!

Logan and Holden are song writers, they write the songs that make the whole world sing!

The Boys riding in the car: "The knee bone's connected to the eyelid bone, the eyelid bone's connected to the intestines (pronounced intestEEns), the intesteens' connected to the cranium, the cranium's connected to the flatulence bone... and the beat went on ALL THE WAY HOME.

Gotta love it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I've Been Up To

It always amazes me that when someone asks me what I've been up to, I simply say "Nothing really", when that's not "really" true. I was thinking about this after bunco last night because I only see most of those ladies once a month. I've figured out that I don't like talking about myself too much and would just rather listen to other people's stories and make comments here and there. So this is what I've been up to lately and I'm proud of it. I figured since I don't enjoy talking about myself, then I will use this opportunity to give God the glory because He is changing my heart.
I have recently helped start up our church's youth group by becoming a youth group sponsor. My duties are to come up with games for the whole group and head up the mid-high girls small group. I am having a blast with these girls! We go over the week's message which is the same for the adults but changed up so that the kids can get a grasp on it. After our Youth Leader, Evan (who is so adorable, he's only 18 years old and is one of the neatest people you'd ever meet) speaks on the morning's message. I then take the girls and we just have a girls' heart to heart. I lead it by asking questions and talking about my own experiences. I really think they enjoy it too. I even had one girl make her mom get out of bed to come to church because she wanted to come to youth group! Praise Jesus! I spoke to this girl's mom's best friend and she told me that she had been trying to get her friend to come back to church and just wasn't having any luck until youth group started. When she told her that we had a youth group, she decided to bring her daughter and try it out. That next Sunday she was being pulled out of bed by her daughter to go to church! How amazing God is! The reason I'm so excited is because I wasn't a fan of church myself for awhile. I had no desire to go and be surrounded by people I viewed as hypocrites. My heart was hardening but I read this book called "The Shack" and something inside changed. I still wasn't ready for "church" but I knew that God loved me no matter what I was or where I was in my faith. For the 1st time I had "permission" just to be where I was. It was like a weight had been lifted. I knew that there would be a time for me to get back into church and when I got a flyer in the mail for a new church that was just in it's beginning stages I knew that was where I needed to be. Something small. Well, after our 1st visit I knew in my heart that God placed me there for a reason.
I have a testimony of 2 different reasons for wanting to be a part of the youth, the 1st is because when I went to church at that age it was not a pleasant experience. I always thought that church was supposed to be the one safe place for a person to be. That's not always the case though. Girls can be mean anywhere and they were. I didn't have any real friends in church. I'm hoping I can be that voice for the girls in my group when or if (probably when) it comes down to who said what about who, etc. to diffuse the situation and put things into perspective for them. The second reason is that my nephew had an awful thing happen in his school where 3 different children took their own lives and one of them was a friend of his. It broke my heart to think that a 13 year old would result to that and it could have been prevented if someone talked to them about God and His love for them.
God is amazing because I never would have dreamed in a million years that when I was feeling isolated in my youth group that I would one day lead a group of girls in a youth group. Wow!
Matt, my husband will be joining and leading the boys when he is done working so many hours. That will also be nice to be able to do that together.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Big Smelly Rat

This is what my son Logan called Chuck E. Cheese when he was 3 and he was not fond of him at all. Now he is 9 and well over that but the nickname stuck and that's what we all still call him. So when I spoke up yesterday and said we could go see The Big Smelly Rat, excitement was in the air. I had this coupon for the place or I would never have suggested it because I'm not a huge fan and as I tell the story you'll know why. (if you don't already) So the coupon was buy 40 tokens for $10 and you get 40 tokens free! Woo hoo! So how long does it take for 2 boys to blow 80 tokens? 4 HOURS!
Time is a funny thing in a place like this... it seems to evaporate. I couldn't believe we had been there that long, although I was truly done with it by the time the tokens began to run out. I was still holding both the boys tokens, why you ask? When they are old enough to hold their own damn cups? Because they kept spilling them everywhere and I got tired of stopping to pick them up and bending over to look under the machines because they were sure that one or two of them rolled underneath. The boys did have a great time and it made me very happy that I could find something cheap to do that would keep them busy and happy for that long. All the games only take 1 token each. (no wonder we were there 4 hours!) But it is nice that they don't have to motor through so much money as fast like the some of the other places. The problem comes when they are down to their last token (Oh no!) and have to make one of the biggest decisions of their young lives - what game is worth my very last token? Well, Logan decides on Skee Ball (one of my favorites) which was fine until he only got 2 tickets off the game. Logan - "Oh great, my last token and all I got was 2 crummy tickets!" Me - (holding about 300 tickets already) "Hello, can we just be happy that we came here, we've been here all day!"
Holden chose a bowling game that he became very fond of. Well by this time the place was packed and I was so ready to leave that I was doing the happy dance in my mind at the notion that this was it, the last token! So at this point we were waiting in line for this bowling game and Holden was next after this little girl. Well her little sister comes running up to her as she was finishing up. She was probably about Holden's age (4) and she was hovering there as her sister finished the game and slides in right in front of Holden. Oh, hell to the no she didn't! I'm telling you I almost became one of those parents that make headlines "Mom attacks 4 year old child over a line cutting incident at Chuck E Cheese." I could envision my mugshot as I sat there holding myself back from taking action. Well, karma worked in my favor because as she slid in and put her token in the machine she couldn't get it to work so she runs off to find her dad and in that moment Holden who wastes no time himself jumped up and put in his LAST token and started the game. (That's my boy!) So the dad comes back with her and I just calmly state that Holden was in line next and she could go after him. He was clueless so Holden finished his game with The Hoverer hovering over him as he played. He seemed fine with it so there was no need for me to intervene at this point. I was just satisfied that she didn't get her way the 1st time. Terrible? Maybe but that's the way I felt and I stand by it. I don't care how old she is!
So now you know why this isn't my favorite place. Children running amok, taking over and parents, most of whom are oblivious that their children are little bullies. Not all of them, I know. Mine are perfect! Ha, at least I believe they are! They may not be "perfect" but they are damn close. I have to say, I was very impressed at Holden, who was gracefully allowing the brat to take his place in line(until she botched it - ha ha). He showed much more tolerance than I, that's for sure!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 To Do List

#4 states that I will do a better job of keeping in touch with people I love, well get ready people - here I come!

#6 states that I will care less about what others think of me, this includes all you people that I'm going to keep in touch with. I'm tired of technology robbing me of relationships. I do love Facebook only because it allows me to keep in touch with people that don't live in my town. I'm not going to text because it's just another way I will never hear your voice. (and I don't care if you don't agree!) Because I'm following my list! It is written in ink ya know!

#3 states that we will do something new as a family and I realized I never blogged about this for February and we're already in the middle of March!

We went to a hockey game, all four of us, which makes it "new" because we haven't all gone together. It was fun, a little strange at times and a little worrisome at one point. The strange part... let me just say that it amazes me that when they build million dollar arenas and charge exorbitant amounts for tickets, they don't consider that when they put the seats right on top of each other how uncomfortable it can be sitting next to a complete stranger and being forced to become their best friend for the duration of the event. I understand that it's all about money to them and the more seats they can cram in then the more money they can squeeze out of the public. Seriously though, just give me 2 more inches so I can breathe.
When we 1st got there it was great, no one was sitting next to me for the whole 1st period. Then... dun, dun, dun, dun, duuuuun here come the space invaders! There were 3 of them and of course the one with all the food (and condiments I might add) sits right by me. I could hear everything, every bite he took, every chew. I could smell everything and see it too and I'm not sure what condiment he chose for his burger topping but it looked like a gelatinous mess. Anyhoo, as I made references to the game he would add his in too. Don't misunderstand me, I'm a friendly person and he was nice and all and if there were just 2 more inches between us I would've have been more receptive but because he took my other arm rest I was being a bit more selfish. The worrisome part... someone in the stands required emergency medical attention and was being given CPR for a very long time. We never heard anything else about it and after they finally got the person stable enough to take out on the stretcher the game went on as if nothing happened. Whoever it was probably could've used an extra 2 inches of space, I'm just sayin.
We'll see what is in store for March, it's so hard with Matt working 80-90 hrs a week.
Well, this is the 3 I'm concentrating on for the moment and when I get well I'll get to some of the other stuff and post about it too. Lots of love to everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This isn't funny anymore...

I just can't believe that it's Spring Break and I'm home sick and little Holden is also sick! This has been going on for over a week. Poor Logan is feeling great and isn't able to do as much because of it and it makes me feel awful. I'm getting very antsy just sitting home, cabin fever if you will. I'm sick of the TV, sick of the dirty house and sick of all the laundry piling up because well, I'm sick.
The weather is absolutely gorgeous here and I have been looking forward to having this time off and being out and about. Maybe I wanted this too much or something. I have been praying to feel good and for Holden to feel good and I know the Lord is with us and there is probably a reason for it, but it's hard to see a good reason right now.
I also must be doing something wrong in my life because the only phone calls I get are from my mom and Matthew. Not that I don't love talking to them, it just makes me wonder how I can be a better friend. I know that it is said that you have to be a good friend to have good friends. I really do have good friends, I just miss them and being cooped up makes one whiny. Oh well, everything that happens in life is supposed to teach us something and I think I'm learning that I need to take better care of myself and my family. I'm also learning how to cough up phlegm and spit like a boy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Excuses, Excuses!

There's this movie I've seen several times called "Fools Rush In" it stars Matthew Perry and Selma Hyeck and it's about a couple that meet on a one night stand, she gets preggo and they get married. He never tells his parents about the marriage, they come for a visit and eventually find out because Selma's character goes off on Matthew's character and in this she yells "Excuses, Excuses!" So after I've explained where I came up with this term, here are my questions... What constitutes an excuse? What if it's a reason? When does a reason become an excuse? Are all reasons really excuses? Confused? Me too!

I made a 2009 to do list that stares me in the face everyday and reminds me of what I'm not doing so far. I wrote on paper in ink (not pencil) that I wanted to run a 5K. Well, I have been sick on and off all year with sinus infections and upper respitory crud. Is this a reason or an excuse? It's difficult to exercise when you can't breathe!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grocery Store Anxiety

I have it. It is a real and serious condition that I can no longer deny. I have recently postponed this event for as long as I can and tomorrow I have absolutely no choice, I have to go. I can only describe my hatred for this job as the utmost, flat-out worst thing ever. It's not like I can just walk into the store and be in and out with everything I need without a thought about what EVERYONE in my house likes to eat. It's not as if I don't have to make a list of meals and try to remember the cheapest ones I make without a thought about how sick I am of all of them. I've also been told that coupons can save you a ton of money, problem is, when I use them I end up spending more. (Hmmm...) I have a friend that also swears by keeping the ads from other stores and taking them to Wal-Mart because they price match. Um, no - unless I go really late or really early... well, not even then. Let's be honest, I'm not screwing with it. I have been that person in line behind the person with those ads and it's not pleasant. I mostly wanted to take a pack of gum (the chunky DoubleMint kind) and tag the cashier with it and say, "Look, just give her the package of Tyson chicken for heaven sake, she either doesn't speak english or she's pretending she doesn't speak english and you will never win this battle. My Ben and Jerry's is melting even though I visited the frozen foods last just so it would have a fighting chance before I got home and when ice cream melts and re-freezes it isn't the same!"
Going with kids is another problem in and of itself. While I look for what I need which is inevitably what they happen to be out of - I also have to yell at my kids every other minute because they are dancing around and bumping into other people or the little one is touching everything he can, knocking over several cans of green beans. I have actually just left my basket where it was and walked out trying to hold onto Holden's hand while he drops and uses his super power (which is turning his body into a glob-like form) dragging the glob while he is screaming, "I will mind! I will mind!" I also don't care about other people looking at me. I'd just love it if someone said something, bring it!
Something else that I've never been able to figure out... what's with new and improved? So, I have my list that it took me 4 hours (on and off) to make and now I have to decide on which Crest toothpaste I want? Do I want regular Crest that was just fine for many years of my life? Or how about the new and improved "Pro Health" that does 7 different things and will take years off my smile? Oh crap, just saw the Pro-Health Nighttime formula.
Wow, I wonder if I can put this off for another day? Probably not -
Lord, hear my prayer.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Got Some Mad Skills... But

I can't break this kid!
I'm referring to one of my darling preschoolers. I teach (babysit) 2-3 year olds at a preschool four days out of the week and have since within the last 2 months acquired a new student. He is gorgeous, precious, sweet... and annoying. I am aware of the fact that this is his very 1st experience and I'm trying to be patient, really trying however, my brain can only take so much. The reason Mr. Gorgeous is annoying - he repeats all day this phrase," Where's the Mama?" and he has an Italian accent only when he's saying this phrase. So I frequently get hungry for garlic breadsticks from Olive Garden throughout the day but that's neither here nor there.

Just for effect I'm going to "Where's the Mama?" insert the "Where's the Mama?" phrase I "Where's the Mama?" hear as often "Where's the Mama?" as I "Where's the Mama?" do throughout the "Where's the Mama?" day. I have tried "Where's the Mama?" just about everythi "Where's the Mama?" ng that I know "Where's the Mama?" to help him adjust "Where's the Mama?" but I'm not "Where's the Mama?" having any luck!

So, by now you get the idea about why I'm a little crazy after the day with this kid. I really do have mad skills when it comes to kids and most of the time I can win them over pretty quickly. There was this one other little boy that was there when I first started working that no one else wanted to deal with because he had so many problems and I absolutely had this kid loving me. This one would scream bloody murder when he had to take a nap and right now I think I would trade in Mr. Gorgeous for The Screamer. I mean I'm hearing this repetitive phrase in my sleep! My patience is waning and I really don't want to accidentally say out loud what I'm actually thinking everytime he asks this question. It would go something like this:
Mr. Gorgeous: "Where's the Mama?"
Me(What I really say): "She'll be back after naps sweetie!"
(What I'm thinking): "I don't freaking know where she is! She dropped you off probably because she needs a break from your mouth and now I get the pleasure! I may not be what you want but I'm what you get! Lucky Freakin Me! Now SHUT UP!!!!"

See how that could be irreparable damage to the child's psyche? So, I'll keep on keepin on and hopefully my daily prayers will be answered, "Please God, hurry this school year up so I can have a vacation!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Man, I'm in a Mood

Well, I should be cleaning my house and many other things right now but I don't feel good today because I've caught something from one or more of the little germ carrying rugrats that are my job during the week. (I do love them so)
I figure while I'm on a rant about my personal distress over how I look, I might as well make a list of pet peeves because I'm in a mood. (Ann, I might need an intervention but I want a makeover):)
So here goes in no particular order:

1. Men with long fingernails - this is just gross in general but I really hate when they are also filled with dirt underneath, ugh uber disgusting!
2. Stepping in something wet with socks on - there is just something about it that scheeves me out.
3. Being interrupted - especially when I'm in the middle of telling a great story that I know everyone will appreciate, except for the jerk that has to stick his/her two cents in and totally screw up the flow of my tale.
4. Getting up to pee in the middle of the night - this I've noticed happens more often after having children and getting older and it really sucks.
5. Not being able to eat anything in front of my kids without having to give them 3/4 of it. - I love them and this is the only reason I'll give up my delectables.
6. Going to a movie with someone which neither of us has seen and being asked what's happening. - um, didn't I just walk into the same movie with you and sit down at exactly the same time?
7. In addition to the above, hearing someone in the movie theatre that has seen it talk their way through it and relive it again out loud therefore ruining my experience. - shut your piehole people!
8. People who expect me to answer the phone all the time no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing because it's a cell phone and heaven forbid if I'm unavailable which is what the voicemail is for. (Hi Mom and Matthew)
9. Party Poopers - If you're in a foul mood don't go where other people are having fun and laughing because you will only feel worse when everyone ignores you because you are a selfish whiner.
10. Guilt trips - I'd rather be on a beach thank you very much.
11. Being late and others who are always late - (Hello again Matthew) I mean come on, you are a grown person who can tell time - get it together!
12. When you smile at someone and they don't smile back - I mean really, what is that? Did you not just see my beautiful smile? Are you really that down or are you just mean? I mean that really hurt my feelings!
13. Wow, I have a lot of pet peeves!
14. Wasting time like I'm doing right now because I'm avoiding the inevitable which is cleaning my house. (But I don't feel good!)
15. Expanding on the issue of cleaning my house: Why can't the people who live in this house flush the toilet? Are you all trying to get me to move out? Seriously!

Well, that covers most of it for now and I'm sure I could think of several more if I tried.

Disclaimer: The older I get the more annoyed with stuff I become. However, I myself have very likely been one or more of those pet peeves and so I will still love you if you yourself have identified with any of the above. But, if you are a man... cut your fingernails for heaven sakes!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Hilarity Continues...

Not only am I F-A-T but my face is turning into it's own constellation of zits. Pretty soon the Big Dipper will be clearly visible. What the hell is going on? Oh, and my eyebrow hair grows faster than the hair on my head. I can't tweeze fast enough before I see more little hairs peering out of hiding. If this is a joke on a woman's humanity - I'm not laughing. Is it not enough that we are the ones that push another human being from our bodies and end up with various reminders of the blessed event? Is it not enough that we expose of bodily fluids once a month with all the aches and rage that goes with it? I swear, I feel like I'm falling apart for crying out loud. Oh, and my skin has become so dry that I could sand wood with it. I won't even talk about my feet! Well, yes I will. I bought one of those Pedi-eggs that sand the bottoms of your feet and I worked so feverishly on them that the next day I get out of bed and literally can't walk. I sanded so hard that my feet were raw. (yeah, ouch) I slather lotion on like I'm planning a trip to Mars and still - sand paper skin.
What is a girl to do? I'm sure if your a man then this is TMI... well all I have to say is suck it! I'll feel bad for you when you realize that the hair in your ears is longer than the hair on your head. When your wearing your 32 size jeans right above your hips because you no longer have a waist and you get kicked out of bed for farting in your sleep.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Time to Call Jenny

CRAIG! Holy crap I'm getting fat! It's on like Donkey Kong cuz this fatty was ticked this morning. I have this pair of jeans I HATE, not only are they my "fat" jeans but they just suck in general. They are one of those "mom" jeans that I pried myself out of some years ago now but because I began putting on weight after not working out I had no choice since I wasn't buying new ones. (note: it doesn't do any good to just not buy new fat jeans if you've kept the old ones)
So, I put on these ugly crap jeans only to realize that I actually can't button them! So, I'm done being in denial. I have this problem in my mind that I still think I'm cute and skinny until I look sideways in the mirror and then I see my hind quarters and in that moment I'm like, "Ok, this is getting serious..." and then moments later when I'm faced with "Do I want fries with that?" I say "Hell yeah I do, I'm stressed, I'm hungry and I want food!"
I have no idea what I weigh and I don't want to know. I do know that my clothes tell the tale and I'm FAT. To those that weigh significantly more than I do and are rolling their eyes right now, it all starts somewhere, right?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raising Boys

I'll preface this with the fact that I don't have girls so I have nothing to compare my boys to. I have heard how different boys and girls are and I've noticed some things from watching my nieces. Boys and girls are supposed to be different and that's what God intended. I just wonder sometimes if God isn't having a good laugh watching me raise these boys knowing that I really have no idea what they will do next and better yet, why! So, without further ado, raising boys through my female specs:

The word "fart" is the funniest and best word there is on the planet, as well as very versatile, it can be used in a song; " A, B, C, D, fart, fart, fart..." "Mary had a little fart, little fart..." It can be used to tell a joke that isn't even a joke, "knock, knock... who's there? My fart... bwahahahaha" It can be used to make each brother laugh at any given time especially in the car while the female parent is driving. (this word does not bother the male parent as he uses it frequently)

Playing with objects that can be used to impale a person is the ideal way to spend quality time together. Bonding occurs when one takes the object and delivers a blow to the face/head and the female parent runs in taking said object away and making the two hug each other and play something less violent.

Boy drama is different than girl drama only in how they tell each other off and get over it. Boys generally use less words and get the point across fast with "You're a dummy head" and "Smelly brother booty" There aren't really hurt feelings even if the female parent is telling the one saying these things that there are so the other one taking the insults feels justice has been served. Once again all is well and they are best friends, playing as though nothing happened. (I'm thankful for this one!)

Boys make better gun noises than girls and I've never figured out why this is. They also perfect the sounds that the light sabers make from Star Wars. They understand and memorize all the characters from such movies but if you ask them where they left their shoes they look at you like you just asked them to find Grant's Tomb.

If you ask them to pick up their room, this means to shove everything in piles in different parts of the room as long as most of the floor can be seen.
In general boys don't care about being dirty and my boys are no exception, however if just their hands are dirty they freak out (go figure).

I have to say that it's true that boys don't talk as much as girls and therefore don't communicate their feelings as well but when they do it is blissful. When they let the female parent know how much they love her and tell her that she is pretty or smells nice, it's better than most anything life has to offer. I'm glad I have boys, they make me laugh, they make me crazy, they make me know a truer love than I can express. I love you Logan and Holden!