Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Time to Call Jenny

CRAIG! Holy crap I'm getting fat! It's on like Donkey Kong cuz this fatty was ticked this morning. I have this pair of jeans I HATE, not only are they my "fat" jeans but they just suck in general. They are one of those "mom" jeans that I pried myself out of some years ago now but because I began putting on weight after not working out I had no choice since I wasn't buying new ones. (note: it doesn't do any good to just not buy new fat jeans if you've kept the old ones)
So, I put on these ugly crap jeans only to realize that I actually can't button them! So, I'm done being in denial. I have this problem in my mind that I still think I'm cute and skinny until I look sideways in the mirror and then I see my hind quarters and in that moment I'm like, "Ok, this is getting serious..." and then moments later when I'm faced with "Do I want fries with that?" I say "Hell yeah I do, I'm stressed, I'm hungry and I want food!"
I have no idea what I weigh and I don't want to know. I do know that my clothes tell the tale and I'm FAT. To those that weigh significantly more than I do and are rolling their eyes right now, it all starts somewhere, right?

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Granny Annie said...

Talk about dejavu! I got out a huge pair of jeans realizing that they had always been too big for me so they would surely work now. I could not button them either! What are we going to do. I just had a snickers bar -- will that help?