Monday, March 9, 2009

I Got Some Mad Skills... But

I can't break this kid!
I'm referring to one of my darling preschoolers. I teach (babysit) 2-3 year olds at a preschool four days out of the week and have since within the last 2 months acquired a new student. He is gorgeous, precious, sweet... and annoying. I am aware of the fact that this is his very 1st experience and I'm trying to be patient, really trying however, my brain can only take so much. The reason Mr. Gorgeous is annoying - he repeats all day this phrase," Where's the Mama?" and he has an Italian accent only when he's saying this phrase. So I frequently get hungry for garlic breadsticks from Olive Garden throughout the day but that's neither here nor there.

Just for effect I'm going to "Where's the Mama?" insert the "Where's the Mama?" phrase I "Where's the Mama?" hear as often "Where's the Mama?" as I "Where's the Mama?" do throughout the "Where's the Mama?" day. I have tried "Where's the Mama?" just about everythi "Where's the Mama?" ng that I know "Where's the Mama?" to help him adjust "Where's the Mama?" but I'm not "Where's the Mama?" having any luck!

So, by now you get the idea about why I'm a little crazy after the day with this kid. I really do have mad skills when it comes to kids and most of the time I can win them over pretty quickly. There was this one other little boy that was there when I first started working that no one else wanted to deal with because he had so many problems and I absolutely had this kid loving me. This one would scream bloody murder when he had to take a nap and right now I think I would trade in Mr. Gorgeous for The Screamer. I mean I'm hearing this repetitive phrase in my sleep! My patience is waning and I really don't want to accidentally say out loud what I'm actually thinking everytime he asks this question. It would go something like this:
Mr. Gorgeous: "Where's the Mama?"
Me(What I really say): "She'll be back after naps sweetie!"
(What I'm thinking): "I don't freaking know where she is! She dropped you off probably because she needs a break from your mouth and now I get the pleasure! I may not be what you want but I'm what you get! Lucky Freakin Me! Now SHUT UP!!!!"

See how that could be irreparable damage to the child's psyche? So, I'll keep on keepin on and hopefully my daily prayers will be answered, "Please God, hurry this school year up so I can have a vacation!"

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Granny Annie said...

Did you think of putting a little doll in your pocket and when he asks "Where's the mama?' hand him the doll and say, "Here she is". You never know. That just might solve your problem.