Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's A Lizard!

There are moments that come along when you realize how much you LIKE your children. I will always love them and that could never change but genuinely liking who they are is a blessing. You have to be able to pay attention to these moments when they come along because if you don't you will miss something precious.
Yesterday it snowed like crazy here and it came down beautifully with huge snowflakes and lots of them. I opened the blinds so the boys could see it and while I was in the kitchen making breakfast, Holden runs in...
Holden - "Brother, brother, it's a lizard out there! Brother look at the lizard! BROTHER, it's a lizard, it's a lizard!" (I thought I would have to get Logan's attention because he has a tendency to block out his little brother's rantings, but no...)
Logan -(without laughing, without talking down to him, gently corrects him without skipping a beat) "No, it's a Buh, buh, Blizzard. Not lizard."
Holden - "Brother look at the Buhlizzard, look at the blizzard!"

As I was listening to this I just realized what a patient and loving big brother Logan is and at that moment I really liked him. And I really liked Holden for looking up to him and being patient as he was corrected, not minding one bit.
Moments to treasure and savor because it won't be long until I'm yelling at both of them to stop fighting and be kind to each other!


Nikki B. said...

aww...that's sweet! i treasure those moments between my boys too. even when they fight and try to kill each other, it isn't long before they are sweet and loving and caring toward one another again. the bond between brothers is amazing

Daphine said...

Sooooooooo sweet! I enjoyed reading this.

Have a good night!

shara said...

Very true- those moments are precious. What great kiddos! And how wonderful you are to recognize a moment like that. I was out of town and missed the lizzard. Maybe next time.

Granny Annie said...

I could always overhear my children being nice to each other but the minute I walked in the room the competition would begin and a tender moment turned into a free-for-all.

Your boys are so very precious!

We had lots of snow but not nearly as big a "lizard" as you guys.