Thursday, March 26, 2009

Politics? Wasn't going to go there, but...

OK, I never intended to use this blog to vent about politics. However, right now I'm thinking that our country needs prayer. I believe that it doesn't matter what is going on with the economy or wars, or anything else because God has a plan and everything works according to His purpose. The thing is, (and maybe I just need to relax knowing that fact) I have never felt this way before about a certain direction that any administration was taking us but things are not sounding good to me. I've always been a Conservative but even when Clinton was president (because I was also old enough then to pay attention) I didn't feel this unsure or worried. I keep hearing unsettling statements being made by this administration such as "global currency" and changing the names of everything that "sound" too "negative". Like we're not calling the terrorists "terrorists" anymore? They're changing "The Global War on Terror" to "Overseas Contingency Operation" - are you kidding me? I for one am personally offended by this. They ARE terrorists and our brave men and women have been fighting for our country and dying on behalf of the "War on Terror". The same terrorists that flew planes into the World Trade Center, killing so many people without any conscious what-so-ever... and we don't want to offend them or what?
Didn't Hitler create mandates on what people were allowed to say and how they said it? It started out slowly and then snowballed into a nightmare. Isn't communism all about a huge government and telling everyone how to live their lives and making everyone feel dependent on them?
I am comforted in the fact that no matter what, God is the same now and forever. He has this in the palm of His hand. This is all happening because it is supposed to and I will be praying that we as Americans will recognize what is happening, fight for our beliefs and have faith that will get us through.

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Nikki B. said...

you know...i should probably pay more attention to politics. so far...i haven't been that interested or had to many stiff opinions because i felt like what happened in washington really didn't impact me that much. i know in the grand scheme it most definitely does...but, i'm immature that way, i guess.

but, even for me...someone who isn't a big bible believer and doesn't concern herself with politics. i'm actually getting a little concerned.

i did read those left behind books that came out a while ago and i can't help but think of them everytime i hear the phrase, "global currency". scares me just a little!

hey, thanks for your candor and understanding on my post today. i've been thinking it for a while, seeing all the "praying for ______" buttons on blogs and when i saw mamakat's prompts...i figured i'd lay it out there. like you was something i was supposed to get off my chest. i'm enjoying reading others' thoughts on this, as well. thanks for yours!!