Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 To Do List

#4 states that I will do a better job of keeping in touch with people I love, well get ready people - here I come!

#6 states that I will care less about what others think of me, this includes all you people that I'm going to keep in touch with. I'm tired of technology robbing me of relationships. I do love Facebook only because it allows me to keep in touch with people that don't live in my town. I'm not going to text because it's just another way I will never hear your voice. (and I don't care if you don't agree!) Because I'm following my list! It is written in ink ya know!

#3 states that we will do something new as a family and I realized I never blogged about this for February and we're already in the middle of March!

We went to a hockey game, all four of us, which makes it "new" because we haven't all gone together. It was fun, a little strange at times and a little worrisome at one point. The strange part... let me just say that it amazes me that when they build million dollar arenas and charge exorbitant amounts for tickets, they don't consider that when they put the seats right on top of each other how uncomfortable it can be sitting next to a complete stranger and being forced to become their best friend for the duration of the event. I understand that it's all about money to them and the more seats they can cram in then the more money they can squeeze out of the public. Seriously though, just give me 2 more inches so I can breathe.
When we 1st got there it was great, no one was sitting next to me for the whole 1st period. Then... dun, dun, dun, dun, duuuuun here come the space invaders! There were 3 of them and of course the one with all the food (and condiments I might add) sits right by me. I could hear everything, every bite he took, every chew. I could smell everything and see it too and I'm not sure what condiment he chose for his burger topping but it looked like a gelatinous mess. Anyhoo, as I made references to the game he would add his in too. Don't misunderstand me, I'm a friendly person and he was nice and all and if there were just 2 more inches between us I would've have been more receptive but because he took my other arm rest I was being a bit more selfish. The worrisome part... someone in the stands required emergency medical attention and was being given CPR for a very long time. We never heard anything else about it and after they finally got the person stable enough to take out on the stretcher the game went on as if nothing happened. Whoever it was probably could've used an extra 2 inches of space, I'm just sayin.
We'll see what is in store for March, it's so hard with Matt working 80-90 hrs a week.
Well, this is the 3 I'm concentrating on for the moment and when I get well I'll get to some of the other stuff and post about it too. Lots of love to everyone!!!

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