Saturday, March 7, 2009

Man, I'm in a Mood

Well, I should be cleaning my house and many other things right now but I don't feel good today because I've caught something from one or more of the little germ carrying rugrats that are my job during the week. (I do love them so)
I figure while I'm on a rant about my personal distress over how I look, I might as well make a list of pet peeves because I'm in a mood. (Ann, I might need an intervention but I want a makeover):)
So here goes in no particular order:

1. Men with long fingernails - this is just gross in general but I really hate when they are also filled with dirt underneath, ugh uber disgusting!
2. Stepping in something wet with socks on - there is just something about it that scheeves me out.
3. Being interrupted - especially when I'm in the middle of telling a great story that I know everyone will appreciate, except for the jerk that has to stick his/her two cents in and totally screw up the flow of my tale.
4. Getting up to pee in the middle of the night - this I've noticed happens more often after having children and getting older and it really sucks.
5. Not being able to eat anything in front of my kids without having to give them 3/4 of it. - I love them and this is the only reason I'll give up my delectables.
6. Going to a movie with someone which neither of us has seen and being asked what's happening. - um, didn't I just walk into the same movie with you and sit down at exactly the same time?
7. In addition to the above, hearing someone in the movie theatre that has seen it talk their way through it and relive it again out loud therefore ruining my experience. - shut your piehole people!
8. People who expect me to answer the phone all the time no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing because it's a cell phone and heaven forbid if I'm unavailable which is what the voicemail is for. (Hi Mom and Matthew)
9. Party Poopers - If you're in a foul mood don't go where other people are having fun and laughing because you will only feel worse when everyone ignores you because you are a selfish whiner.
10. Guilt trips - I'd rather be on a beach thank you very much.
11. Being late and others who are always late - (Hello again Matthew) I mean come on, you are a grown person who can tell time - get it together!
12. When you smile at someone and they don't smile back - I mean really, what is that? Did you not just see my beautiful smile? Are you really that down or are you just mean? I mean that really hurt my feelings!
13. Wow, I have a lot of pet peeves!
14. Wasting time like I'm doing right now because I'm avoiding the inevitable which is cleaning my house. (But I don't feel good!)
15. Expanding on the issue of cleaning my house: Why can't the people who live in this house flush the toilet? Are you all trying to get me to move out? Seriously!

Well, that covers most of it for now and I'm sure I could think of several more if I tried.

Disclaimer: The older I get the more annoyed with stuff I become. However, I myself have very likely been one or more of those pet peeves and so I will still love you if you yourself have identified with any of the above. But, if you are a man... cut your fingernails for heaven sakes!

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Daphine said...

Yep, you're definitely in a mood friend. LOL! It's totally okay though. I can DEFINITELY relate to several of these as my per peeves too! I posted about a new cleaning product that can help you clean your house. Check it out when you can. lol!

Have a good evening!