Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raising Boys

I'll preface this with the fact that I don't have girls so I have nothing to compare my boys to. I have heard how different boys and girls are and I've noticed some things from watching my nieces. Boys and girls are supposed to be different and that's what God intended. I just wonder sometimes if God isn't having a good laugh watching me raise these boys knowing that I really have no idea what they will do next and better yet, why! So, without further ado, raising boys through my female specs:

The word "fart" is the funniest and best word there is on the planet, as well as very versatile, it can be used in a song; " A, B, C, D, fart, fart, fart..." "Mary had a little fart, little fart..." It can be used to tell a joke that isn't even a joke, "knock, knock... who's there? My fart... bwahahahaha" It can be used to make each brother laugh at any given time especially in the car while the female parent is driving. (this word does not bother the male parent as he uses it frequently)

Playing with objects that can be used to impale a person is the ideal way to spend quality time together. Bonding occurs when one takes the object and delivers a blow to the face/head and the female parent runs in taking said object away and making the two hug each other and play something less violent.

Boy drama is different than girl drama only in how they tell each other off and get over it. Boys generally use less words and get the point across fast with "You're a dummy head" and "Smelly brother booty" There aren't really hurt feelings even if the female parent is telling the one saying these things that there are so the other one taking the insults feels justice has been served. Once again all is well and they are best friends, playing as though nothing happened. (I'm thankful for this one!)

Boys make better gun noises than girls and I've never figured out why this is. They also perfect the sounds that the light sabers make from Star Wars. They understand and memorize all the characters from such movies but if you ask them where they left their shoes they look at you like you just asked them to find Grant's Tomb.

If you ask them to pick up their room, this means to shove everything in piles in different parts of the room as long as most of the floor can be seen.
In general boys don't care about being dirty and my boys are no exception, however if just their hands are dirty they freak out (go figure).

I have to say that it's true that boys don't talk as much as girls and therefore don't communicate their feelings as well but when they do it is blissful. When they let the female parent know how much they love her and tell her that she is pretty or smells nice, it's better than most anything life has to offer. I'm glad I have boys, they make me laugh, they make me crazy, they make me know a truer love than I can express. I love you Logan and Holden!


Granny Annie said...

Oh Michele, I'm so happy to finally have an internet hookup that lets me open your blog. This is the best post ever. Well, I think I said that about your last one. LOL You really captured the boy thing.

Nikki B. said...

BRILLIANT post!! Boys are def bitter sweet!!

"knock knock...who's fart"...i've heard that one before!!!


thanks for sending the link...i might have to use it in my next tuesdays with cletus post!!! a theme song!!

Tim said...

Oh my... another post about gas! Isnt it just the best subject in the world. Im mean noone talks about how funny car emissions are and they cant run without it. But for some reason buttular flatulance is hilarious to us. Who knew?

Oh and little miss nikki thang. I bet she farts outloud!! You can tell her I said that. LOL