Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Prayers for Stellan

This little one needs prayer so desperately. I am passing this along to everyone I know even though I don't know this family personally. If this were my child I would hope that everyone that could would be on their knees. Apparently this precious baby had terrible heart difficulties in the womb and wasn't expected to live but was born a healthy baby with faith and prayer. He is having the same trouble now and is very critical. I keep pulling up different blogs I read that are either friends of the family or just follow their blog and I can't put this off just because I don't know them. So I am praying and encourage you to do the same if you read my blog. God Bless.


shara said...

Thanks for this post. My family and I will have him in our prayers.

Daphine said...

Yes, I read his story yesterday and have been praying since. Thanks for posting this!

Have a great night!