Saturday, November 22, 2008


I love to write. One of the things I feel that I'm good at is writing, so when someone asks me what I "do", I want to say " I'm a writer!" Which happens to be true but not in the sense that I've actually been published, so I usually say I'm a stay at home mom, which is also true and in the sense that I actually am at home with 2 kids, seems to be more acceptable to tell people. However, since I've started this blog and it's about doing things that make me happy I am going to publish a children's story I wrote because it's my blog and I can write if I want to.
I wrote several of these stories called "The What If Bedtime Stories" because I wanted to give my son Logan something comforting to hear before he fell asleep. It seems like the world is going crazy sometimes and it was important to me to just forget about everything else and fill his mind with fun and sometimes silly ideas. This is the 1st one I wrote:
Animal Safari
What if we went on an animal safari?
We could travel to the African Plains.
Don't forget to bring the binoculars,
so we can really see the lions' manes.
We could ride all day in an open jeep,
letting the wind blow through our hair.
When the tigers let out a mighty growl,
it would really give us a scare!
Look at the colorful birds up in the trees,
and there's a giraffe - wow he's tall!
He's just busy eating all those leaves,
it looks like he's having them all!
I wonder what that is under the water?
Oh, it's a great big hippopotamus!
And coming close to take a drink,
it's an elephant - look at those tusks!
Keep your eyes open, there's a rhinoceros,
it looks like he wants to charge.
We had better hurry away from here,
that fellow is extremely large!
If you stop and listen close,
you will hear the monkey's chatter.
Look up in the trees and you will see
how they love to swing and scatter.
We could stop to walk around for a while,
but watch out for slithery snakes.
Maybe we should just ride around to be safe,
I'm scared of those things for goodness sakes!
We have found many animals on this safari trip.
Maybe we'll see them when we dream.
Let's not forget as we drift off to sleep,
all of the wonderful animals we've seen.


Corny said...

Your an amazing writer!
I know you have touched many people we know close to us, we need to figure out how to reach the rest !! :):)

Mommy Pose said...

You could TOTALLY publish this! It is wonderful! I wish I could draw, and I would offer to illustrate for you. But I can't. :)
Oh, and I love your blog too!!!