Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love to paint!

I was at Hobby Lobby recently and got lost in the artsy section of the store. I literally could spend the whole day at Hobby Lobby and never realize that any time passed at all. It is a fabulous place! This last time I spent a great deal of time looking at canvas's and paint brushes, paints, etc... imagining what I could paint for my home or for other's as gifts. It was very exciting and fun. I know I'm entertained easily but it was nice to remember something else I love doing and thinking that I'm going to get started on it too. If anyone needs an idea for a Christmas gift for me, how about a canvas or paints, or paint brushes! I have no idea what I will paint but that's also the fun part, being inspired by something or someone. I love looking up at the sky and seeing all the colors when the sun is setting or how the trees look when the wind is blowing. I told you I was entertained easily.
When I get started I will take picutres of them and post them on here to share.
Update on the workout blog. - Haven't quite gotten to that one, but in my defense I have been coughing and hacking for a month now and recently got a kidney infection. Isn't it ironic that you need exercise to stay healthy but if your not well, then you need rest? I am going to begin exercising soon though, as soon as my lungs and kidney's get their act together. Maybe I should post pictures of a before me for incentive and then do an after me pic for upkeep incentive? I'll have to think about that one.

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