Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Technology and communicating

I'm going to just lay it out there, I HATE getting texts. E-mails used to bug me until the whole texting thing came into play. Now it seems e-mails are actually personal in comparison. My DAD texted me Happy Birthday. I see people texting in their cars while they are DRIVING. I've seen kids text to each other from across the room. C'mon are you kidding me?
I really miss how we used to communicate. I have tons and tons of old notes from highschool friends and I cherish them. I'll bet that is not even done anymore, passing notes. The joy of not paying attention in class and writing to your best friend about how bored you are and who you have a crush on this week, etc. I really think kids are missing out with all this technology. I think adults are as well, but at least we knew a different and I think better way of communicating. I know it's ironic that I'm writing on a blog about how technology has turned us into a bunch of people who don't have time to pick up a phone or write a letter. It's not that I think technology is bad, just that it shouldn't take the place of real communicating. There are some people that I will go for months without hearing what their voice sounds like.
The reason why I'm writing about this is because one of the things nearest to my heart is friendship. Friendship with others is something that makes me very happy and I miss seeing and actually talking to people. I am guilty of not picking up a phone as much as anyone and I haven't written a letter since highschool. I'm hoping to change that and I'm sorry to all of you for not being a better friend. My out of the rut idea for this week is to write letters and pick up the phone. If I get your voicemail, please don't text me!

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