Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Topsy-Turvy World

Sometimes I feel right side up when everything is upside down.
I grew up learning right from wrong, and now that has been blurred.
What was wrong is becoming right and everything is turned around.
I am trying to focus clearly but with everything that has occurred,
I am left without understanding and it just seems so absurd.
How do I teach my children that what I know is unique,
to those that offer only a glimpse of truth and the rest is obsolete.
What was right is becoming wrong, you don't talk about your faith.
Be correct and don't offend those whose ideas do not concur!
But to just pretend does not justify the truth, I need to be brave.
I must hold on to my values and beliefs that formed who I am today.
I will tell my children the truth and I will glorify His name.
I will pray that the world loses it's battle and they remain on solid ground.
To experience a truer joy that in the world is never found.

Michele Cornwell 2008


Corny said...

WOW !! :)

Granny Annie said...

We teach best by example. You are raising your sons in the example of unconditional love. That is the kind of love we receive from God. The good and sweet person that you are has always assured me that you are a strong, wise, beloved and treasured child of God.

Michele said...

Thanks Granny Ann! That made my day!