Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Surprise

Out with my children in the holiday shuffle,
my stomach in knots with all the hustle and bustle.
I shop for the food, the candy and gifts,
hoping I don't forget a soul on my lists.
Did I remember to mail our Christmas cards?
I don't want someone to say "We didn't get ours!"
I hurry my children back into our car,
yelling,"Please don't sit on the new Christmas star!"
I sit in the traffic my patience is put to the test.
I can't wait to get home my poor feet need a rest.
Finally we're home, it's time to unload
all the packages and food into our humble abode.
When it's all put away, I sit down and close my eyes.
Now my kids run in and say "We've got a Christmas surprise!"
I exhale and with a forced joyful smile
say,"I'll be there in just a little while."
"But mommy," they say, "We have a present for you!"
And now I know that my delay won't do,
so I hold their hands and close my eyes
and let them lead me to my surprise.
They show me the way to the kitchen table,
where sits a box wrapped in colored on paper.
I sit down and open their artistic display
to find it empty, which to this they say-
"We know you are tired and needed some love,
so we blew into that box our kisses and hugs!"
At that moment I realized this is what Christmas should be,
not the food or the gifts or the star on the tree.
It's the love Jesus brought when He was born that day.
The whole reason He came, to show us the way.
It's the same love I see in my children's eyes
and I felt that love in their Christmas surprise.

Michele Cornwell 2008

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Corny said...

Momma ROCKS !!!