Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Blog World

I have had so much fun writing on this blog and receiving such sweet comments from fellow bloggers. It's very tempting to create a world that only exists here on my blog but I've tried being honest about who I am. My outlook on certain situations is far from the way I would like to be but I know God is still working on me and I'm ok with that. I really want to be real and not pretend like I have everything under control because there are days when I am SO not in control of my feelings or thoughts. My life has been very full and I know God is looking out for me in so many ways. He blessed me with who could possibly be the best mom while I was growing up and still to this day she looks out for me and my sisters. My husband and I have had a rough road but we love each other and have been blessed with 2 wonderful boys. We both believe in commitment and that it's not so much about the warm fuzzy feeling than it is about being faithful to each other and to live God's plan for our lives. He intrusted us with these 2 boys and hopefully they will learn that even though life is hard at times that running away from problems isn't the way to go and there is too much good that would be missed if you give up. I want to be very real on my blog. I don't want anyone to think I have all the answers or just share all the happy times, so I've come up with some facts about who I am (so far).

1. I'm very sarcastic and sometimes even cynical in my thinking.
2. Although I am those things I try to find the good in everyone.
3. I trust until someone proves they can't be trusted and I have a very hard time trusting that person after that.
4. I find humor in almost everything (not tragedy though, by any means)
5. I learned a long time ago not to gossip and if I'm not comfortable telling someone how I feel to their face then I don't talk about it behind their back.
6. I don't know if I believe in being in-love, I believe that it takes work to live with another person and that love evolves into a greater feat of human strength.
7. I think that the love I have for my children is unexplainable and have an irrational fear of being taken away from them.
8. I have depression and take meds for it. I have very strong feelings about getting help for this condition and if you needs meds then by all means, take them! (Sorry Tom Cruise)
9. I have very few girlfriends and always wished that weren't the case. But I do have one of the greatest best friends anyone could hope for and she is a girl!
10. I've never understood why I haven't had close girlfriend relationships. It could be because I don't enjoy shopping, I LOVE football and would rather be watching the game than in the kitchen (not sure how that tradtion was started but it's a dumb one), I don't do drama (at all!), I think you should tell someone how you feel and then get over it and just accept each other because life is too short. (these are just a few reasons but I think I'm on to something)
11. I used to be very organized but am struggling with this now for some reason. I blame my husband - it has to be his fault somehow.
12. I sometimes secretly wish I could just spend a week at a hotel by myself, so I can rejuvenate my mind and soul.
13. I'm not perfect, won't claim to be and I want people to be able to relate to me. Which is why I don't like Martha Stewart, who has the time to do all that fussy crap she does?

Well, that's about it for now. I will write stories on here that are happy and some that aren't. I don't want others to try and fix my messes because that's God's job but I do appreciate advice and encouraging comments always. I love being a part of this world that is BLOG.


Mommy Pose said...

You know, I also have very few girl friends - you know, friends who I hang out with outside of work. And, I can't figure out why either! :)

Daphine said...

Honesty is the only way I see it! I can't pretend that everything is perfect either. I've had the two most painful/depressing weeks in my life. I posted a little bit about what happened...but I couldn't post or comment for a few days because how I was feeling. In other words, I couldn't fake just being okay and act as if nothing was wrong in life. I appreciate your transparency and thanks for sharing your heart!

The Thompson's said...

That post just justifies to me why I have always loved you so much, and why you are such a good friend. I could've married you! Your just like my wife. In so many ways, and I am proud to call you my friend. So sorry I couldnt be one of those girly friends that you really dont have, but Im gueesing there is a reason for that.
Carey and I are doing the Fireproof couples bible study and really getting allot out of it. Your so right about love and marriage. It takes allot of work and God made it that way for a reason. If you dont do the study at least see the movie on a date with your husband. The acting is bad, but you cant beat the message and the story. It brought me to tears and Im a guy all be it a sensetive one.

Love and Prayers,


Tara said...

I love blogging too! I like that you are very honest with us... your list is so real. Isn't it wonderful knowing that God has a plan for us? It gives me faith and motivation to keep getting better.