Monday, February 23, 2009

Sister Update

First of all, thank you for your prayers. Melinda had surgery today in order for her lungs to drain all the junk in her lungs. The surgery went without a hitch (thank God) but she is in so much pain right now. Keep her in your prayers! I really appreciate it because I know it works!
On the lighter side of things, my other little sister (Kelly) and I went to the hospital last night to see her. It's almost a relief when you're sad about a loved one that is hurting to be able to laugh at some of the goings on in the other rooms. Last night I got a kick out of this lady, let's call her Pinky (she was wearing a pink robe). At first I wasn't quite sure if she was a patient or she worked there because she seemed to know her way around and looked like she was in charge. She had to have been a patient though because I don't know many people that go to work in their bathrobes (and she had on the standard hospital attire underneath). So, we are all outside waiting for the nurses to alleviate Melinda from having to get up every time she needed to go the the bathroom and I notice that Pinky is writing on the medical papers she had outside her room. Huh? Like I said, she had her run of the joint... must've been erasing something and writing in for better pain meds or something or scratching out her scheduled surgery for the next day, very weird. It made us laugh though and we needed it. Later I was out in the hall talking to my husband on the phone and out she comes with what looked like groceries. She trots herself into the little kitchen area and starts banging around in there for a bit, putting her things away. Hmmm, maybe she filled out her medical papers so she could have surgery and have extra pain meds because she needed some time off. Pinky's idea of a vacation. You never know, it takes all kinds!


Tim said...

That is too funny! And yes VERY weird.

We are continuing to pray. Please keep us posted on her progress.

Love and Prayers,


Nikki B. said...

Sometimes I think about having some expendable part of my body surgically removed so that I might get a know...have my arse wiped, if needed...get opiates at the touch of a button...

Maybe I should donate a kidney...that way it's not a completely selfish act!

Thanks for the uber-kind comments on my blog!! It's much appreciated and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that way!!

Daphine said...

I will have to keep reading more of your posts to catch up, but I am glad that Melinda's surgery went well. Praise the Lord!

And girl, you had me cracking up about Pinky....sounds pretty interesting to me. LOL!