Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a Valentine Scrooge

I know that towards the end of my rant about this pink and red holiday that I may come across as being bitter, but I assure you I'm not... at least not anymore. Perhaps I was... many moons ago as a youngster in grade school and that's where my scroogieness began.
My son Logan is now in the 3rd grade, so I've been to my share of Valentine's parties. My other son, Holden just had his 1st taste of this holiday. They both love it, not because of the love but because of the all the sugar they will consume in an 8 hour time span. And so it goes... a "list" of all the students names will be sent home about a week in advance. Another list will be sent with it that gives me a choice of what kind of "treat" I should buy (not make, BUY). I get it, I might make something and then someone will get sick, yada, yada. Not sure that buying things anymore is such a great idea either it seems. Peanut paste anyone?
Well, back in the day... I remember a much different experience. 1st of all there wasn't a list sent home to the parents with ALL the students names. Excuse me? Where was the insight when I was in school? I busted my butt making my V-Day sack! I carefully glued my red and white doilies on and drew little hearts all around. I would then write my name in big bubble letters so everyone would see how to spell it (one l please). I would be so excited that next morning and could hardly wait to get to class and see how overflowing with valentines my sack would be. As I walked into the classroom all giddy with excitement and then approaching my sack to see how many people loved me and peering into it only to realize that 2 valentines were there, and one was from the weird kid in class. It was only until the teacher would announce that we would deliver our valentines during the party that my sadness would subside. I had more time and had 2 valentines to start with! I do have to say that back in the day a Valentine party was a PARTY. No fruit or veggies, SUGAR and lots of it. HOMEMADE sugar at that, cupcakes and cookies and candy... Oh my! So now, the moment of truth, our sacks! Well, it did have more cards and goodies in it this time but wait a minute? Don't we have like 25 kids in here? But I have only like 15 valentines? There must be some mistake... oh wait, here's a big one! Oh, it's from the teacher. This BITES! There was always the popular girl whose sack was really overflowing - Shelley Reid was the girl at my school, bleck! I still have it in for her!
Oh well, so Valentines Day isn't what it once was, too bad really. I think it built character to have your bubble letters burst. Everything is way too politcially correct these days. Heaven forbid if you don't give everyone a card and a treat. Don't make the party food - buy it!
I mean look at me now! I totally think this is one way overrated holiday and I'm saving my husband from the headache, not to mention the money. So what if I'm a Valentine Scrooge, I come by it fair and square!

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Daphine said...

Yep, this day is definitely overrated! We stopped going overboard years ago in our family. A card and just a little something is enough. I attended my youngest daugher's party at school today. There was one parent who bought a NICE stuffed animal for every student. There are 18 students. These were not some $1 stuffed animal. They were more like $5-$7 stuff animal. I was tripping out. LOL!

Enjoy your weekend friend!