Sunday, January 4, 2009

Never too late for pictures

Christmas was wonderful! (as you can see) The boys finally got a Wii from Santa and although we didn't have tons of presents for them to open they were thrilled. Santa played a game with them and had a really big box wrapped up with several smaller boxes inside.(which were also wrapped) The smallest and last box contained a note (or clue) to where to find their present. When they figured out the clue they ran to find another wrapped box and another clue would be inside with a small part to the Wii. (this went on for around 3 clues and they finally found the BIG prize)- it was so much fun.
The pictures are some of my favorites. God bless!

1st sight of Christmas morning.

The game begins...


my husband Matt


silly cousins

my dad, aunt Amy, sister Melinda

Kelly & Cory (sis and bnl)

Sweet Sadie (my niece)

me and my dad


Granny Annie said...

Love those happy faces!

Daphine said...

We've done something similar in past years....playing a game from Santa. It's such much fun!

Great pictures taken! Love 'em!

Have a great week ahead!