Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exhaustion, Depression and Hormones, OH MY!

Let me start this by saying I know a little of what Sybil must've felt like, with all those personalities rolling around in her head and all. Maybe instead of a story about a poor abused girl who grew into a woman with a gajillion different people running amok in her brain, it was really just an exaggerated version of a fairly normal woman with her hormones running amok.

Let's see, my personalities consist of "Sally Sweet" - for about a week or so I'm the sweetest, nicest mom and wife you'd ever want to meet. I don't mind cleaning, I love cooking and have a giddy up in my step that catapults me out the door to run the many errands that help maintain this household. But only for a week (at the most).
Then there is "Lonely Lil'"- for a little more than a week I feel sorry for myself that I have very few friends and no one calls me to see how I am. I only have my children to talk to and they are little men of few words. I become introverted during this time and don't call anyone myself because I think no one likes me.
And how about "Betty Boredom" - after the last week I become bored with the pity party and my home life and have all this anxious energy I can't expunge because Lonely Lil' didn't call any of her friends for a week! So I take out my frustration on my poor husband because it's probably some how all his fault.
Finally we wrap up this ecclectic group with the super power of all - "Hormonal Hattie". She is the worst and I don't know how my family survives her rantings of lunacy. This is the girl that shows up before the period. (sorry if there are fellas reading this but I'm sure even some of you will understand) Hormonal Hattie for some reason doesn't really look out for the well being of others and rational behavior goes out the window. She thinks that she is entitled to be pissed off at nothing in peticular and has the right to cry for no reason. The people around Hattie sometimes don't understand that it's best to leave this creature alone and let the beast remain as quiet as possible. Without meaning to, the people around her will trip over Hattie while she sits simmering in whatever made her angry at that moment, unleashing the beast within. The beast will always spare her children but the man will be eaten alive.
This is my apology to that man and my appreciation that he endures all these personalities because he loves me. My advice is to enjoy Sally Sweet because there are only about 2 days left.


Granny Annie said...

Whew, you described it for every woman. Let me make a suggestion. When you feel the beast making an appearance, quickly take the nearest child's face gently in your hands and stare directly into that child's eyes. Your sweet side will emerge even if you were just ranting at that same kid.

Nikki B. said...

yep...i know them all well! perfect description!

awesome post!

thanks for the kind words and stopping by my blog!