Saturday, January 31, 2009

From Room of Doom to Room of Va Va Va Voom!



Can I get a Whoop Whoop and a Hell Yeah?!
I spent ALL day getting this room together and I am exhausted. Instead of a room of doom, I now have a play area for the kids. Note: they were NOT allowed to play in it when I was done, it's the principal of the thing. After organizing my brains out I wasn't ready to have anything taken back out. I won't be crazy forever, just a couple of weeks and then I should be able to let the kids back in there. He he...
I know I have issues, I'm like that though, after I clean the kitchen, I don't want to cook. After I clean the bathrooms, if I see a drop of boy-urine on the toilet or around the toilet I will let them know about it and yes, there are certain towels that shouldn't be man-handled and thrown on the floor. After I wash the sheets, I HAVE to take a shower and my husband will need to do the same (on my request). This isn't after just picking up clean, it's after clean cleaning, the scrubbing kind and I don't see a problem at all with how I handle it, it's perfectly normal! Right?


The Thompson's said...

Oh hell yeah, hell yeah you can!! that is freakin awesome! Something I need to do in Wills room.

Mommy Pose said...

Wow, Michele. That room looks AWESOME!