Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I now understand as an adult that I was oblivious to as a child

I sometimes wish for the innocence of childhood especially when I watch my own children. It made me think about how different life is approached as we get older. It is way less complicated to be a child and it's funny how as a child we can't wait to get older. I have a list of things I now understand about my parents and other adults that I didn't have a clue of as a child.

1. Money really doesn't grow on trees and just because you have checks (or checkcard now) doesn't mean you have any money.
2. Having all the lights on in the house is problematic.
3. Having brand new shoes on doesn't make you run any faster. (but I am so glad mom let me think it did-I've passed that one on)
4. Making good grades is important and will make a difference.
5. Running with scissors or any other sharp object is very dangerous.
6. Playing in the street is actually not a good idea.
7. Being more upset over your child getting hurt than they are makes perfect sense.
8. Hanging out with the right friends is very important and will make a difference in who you become.
9. You really can't fly even with a super cool cape on fashioned from a blanket.
10. Television does fry your brain. (and if you sit too close you might not lose your vision but will have a really bad headache)
11. Your face won't stay that way when making a funny face, but it will annoy if done over and over again.
12. Playing outside is good for you and keeps you from getting fat and lazy.
13. Knowing where your child is every minute is not a form of punishment but is being a good parent.
14. Being one of the "popular"kids in school won't make a bit of difference in the real world.
15. I really don't think I have ever used Algebra.
16. Some "music" really does sound like it comes from the devil.
17. The "oldies" are goodies.
18. It's ok to buy your clothes from Wal-Mart or Target because labels are ridiculous.
19. You can make your parents crazy.
20. Being brought up to know the Lord is a gift.

...and I'm sure there are so many more.

I love knowing now things I didn't know then and isn't it interesting that the same wisdom will be passed on and on from our children to theirs. (let's hope!)

God Bless!


shara said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I am tickled and honored to have you as a reader!

I really enjoyed this post. Yes, children really CAN make their parents crazy. LOL

I will be watching the game tonight with anxious anticipation.

I will be following you as well, unless you say no!


Granny Annie said...

See, we told you so:)

Daphine said...

I LOVED this post!!!! Awesome list with so many truths!

Have a great weekend!