Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh my Sooners!

I can't believe how sad I can get over a football game! I thought they played really well even though they didn't win. I have to say that it is ridiculous how many things were NOT called on the Gators. I know I sound like a sore loser (which I am) but seriously! And the announcers, my gosh! If I weren't watching the game and only listening to it, I wouldn't have known the Sooners were even on the field, UGH! They couldn't get off how "great" those Gators were. Whatever, I happen to think that 5 consecutive games with over 60 points is pretty "great" as well!!!

I had to vent on this one before I got on with my day. I still and will always love my Sooners!

Boomer Sooner!


Anonymous said...
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shara said...

I am mourning as well. AH! I was getting so anxious, I turned the t.v. off in the 4th quarter.

There WERE many calls that were NOT called (can we say PASS INTERFERENCE???)

I am still smarting from it all. We did fumble... Ugh.

Still love the Sooners.

And, Anonymous, I didn't go to OU; however, I am definitely still a fan.

Hope your day goes well, M.!

Granny Annie said...

You don't have to attend OU to be a Sooner! My poor grandson is only 14 and he loves the Sooners. My son does too and he attended OSU. Surely you weren't implying that we can't get excited about OU unless we attended college there? Oh, I do have a few hours from OU.

The announcers rubbed salt in the wounds with their partiality toward Florida. Ask any Sooner.

Yes Michele, we're all sad and feeling your pain.

The Thompson's said...

It is so funny to see you ladies get so passionate about football like us guys do. Yes it was a tragedy, yes it will sting for a while, and yes it really stinks. However, life does go on and praise God no on was seriously injured.

But yes your right. The officials were horrible. I just turned the sound down so I didnt have to listen to the announcers!