Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sendentary Saturdays

I have so much to do that I literally can't get myself up to do it. There is the "room of doom", (the room in our house that holds everything we don't know what to do with yet and when people come over we close the door. As if that will be the magic that makes it all disappear.) It used to be Holden's old bedroom but when the boys started sharing a room, all the toys went there and haven't come out of hiding since. My own bedroom is an atrocity of stuff that we can't fit into the room of doom. I have good intentions but you know what they say about that road. Well, I feel like I'm in it - hell, that is. On my list I have said that I need to organize my house, so why when I have a whole Saturday don't I take the opportunity and tackle some of these things? Well, I don't know is the short answer and the long answer is also "I don't know" and believe me, the longer I sit around not being able to figure out what my problem is the longer the list of to do's becomes. I go into the room of doom and just stare at everything piling up on the floor - and then I leave, closing the door behind me. Ta Da! I made it disappear.
Look at the picture, isn't it neat how many containers I have and there is even an organization unit in the corner! Wow, maybe I can put them to good use today, or next Saturday perhaps!


Corny said...

I just wanted to say who every painted the walls of that room must be one fabulous artist !! :):):)

Daphine said...

I think we ALL have a room similar to this one. I know I do. lol!

shara said...

My road is a four lane highway!

I have such trouble getting started sometimes. What works for me is (and I know this sounds odd, but it works for me when I do it) 1) I work clockwise in the room. Wierd. And, I give myself EXTREMELY small goals when I am having a very rough time- like, "the one thing I have to do is get the top of the speaker cleared off- not cleaned, just all the crud off of it"

Hope you are doing well! Stop by anytime!!

The Thompson's said...

That is too funny..... we have a room just like it..