Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayers for Baby Harper

I don't know this family personally but I feel like I do. (somehow God ties us all together through any means nessecary to serve His purpose) I believe we have all been brought to this blog for a reason.
I can't post anything else until I request prayers for this little girl. She is receiving many prayers from so many people but a few more won't hurt! She is just so precious and her pictures remind me so much of when Holden was hooked up to all that stuff, looking helpless and me just wanting to hold him so desperately. I know what Kelly (her beautiful mom) must be feeling and I pray for her to have peace during this difficult time. Just click on the button to visit her site and see how beautiful Harper is! God is GOOD and I am believing that she will be healed.

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The Thompson's said...

Thanks for posting for the Stamps Michelle. They are so in our need of prayer.